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G.U.Ž. DUVANJKE - Građansko udruženje žena

Civil Association of Women "Duvanjke" is a non-governmental, non-partisan multinational organization that operates in Tomislavgrad since 2000 and we are the only organization in our district that deals with issues and problems of women and youth.
Our organization consists of 50 members from the villages and towns, of which 20 active members. As part of our regular activities, we have daily meetings, and providing psycho social one assist women and youth through roundtables and workshops. Through our monthly training activities has 20 women over the year and over 70 women around the local communities in the city and the countryside. Regularly visit the elderly and disabled who need help is extremely necessary as children with special needs
Also, our contribution to the community is evident through our project "Economic empowerment of women" through which we helped 12 women from Tomislavgrad and 4 women from Livno. For this year, we planned to continue working on projects in which they are intended: the fight against addiction, commitment to equality for women, training in English language, writing a CV and communication, development of a business plan. Since the association is funded by various donors and currently do not have any projects in the implementation of the question comes and survival of our organization, and the team implementing our mission and to help women, regardless of age, education or ethnicity into account the psycho - social or economic assistance.

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